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Examiner’s Report of The Lanteglos By Fowey Neighbourhood Development Plan

We have now received the Independent Examiner’s Report of The Lanteglos By Fowey
Neighbourhood Development Plan from Mrs Deborah McCann.  She has recommended that
modifications are made to Policies 1, 2 and 11, Design and Character of Lanteglos-by-Fowey Parish, Local Green Spaces, and Parking Provision for New Housing and Other Developments.  A copy of her Report is available on our website

The recommended modifications are being made to the plan by Paul Webber of Situ8, and once that is to hand it will be sent to the Neighbourhood Planning  Group at Cornwall Council for sign-off by a dedicated Portfolio Holder. 

Once the decision is signed a copy of the Examination Report and final version of the NDP will be published by Cornwall Council on their website. 

The next stage is to go to Referendum but all of these have been postponed until at least May 2021.  However, Government has indicated that NDPs that are published post Examination can now be given significant weight in decision making.

Posted: 18 September 2020

Update, May 2020

Our Plan Proposal has completed the statutory six-week (Regulation 16) Community Consultation, when all residents and other interested stakeholders were consulted by Cornwall Council.  All comments received have been made available to the Parish Council for our responses if we wished to make any.  These included one from our own Steering Group which referred to our concerns about how CLP 7.4 could be interpreted. 

We look upon the results of the Community Consultation as an opportunity for a fresh pair of eyes to consider what we have.  The comments have all been passed on to the Inspector who has been appointed by Cornwall Council (Regulation 17), Mrs Deborah McCann, for examination.  Copies of her CV were circulated to Councillors and the Steering Group.  A copy of all the comments will also be available on our website.  Mrs McCann will prepare a report and make proposals for changes to the plan as appropriate and further modifications may be recommended.  All of this will be published on CC’s website and on our Neighbourhood Plan website.  A similar notice has been submitted to the Parish Magazine as part of my report.

I should like to pay thanks to all of you, Residents, Councillors, members of the Steering Group who have got us this far

Posted: 12 June 2020

Submission of Plan Proposal to Cornwall Council

We have reached the stage with our Neighbourhood Development Plan where it has been through the legal compliance checks at Cornwall Council and is now in the statutory six week community consultation, starting 5/3/20. For more details and to find out how you can comment on the plan proposal, click here.

Posted: 8 March 2020

Pasty and Pint Evening

Venue: The Russell Inn
Date: Tuesday, 3rd December at 7pm.

Thank you to everyone concerned and Robin for supplying the pasties and pints. This was an informal gathering with a mix of people, older and younger.  It was suggested and agreed that the display be moved to the Reading Room until the end of the week so that people would have more time to view and consider.

Click here to read a report of the evening.

Posted: 8 March 2020

The Pre-Submission Consultation

The Pre-Submission Consultation – Regulation 14, Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 (amended) has now been completed.  All responses have been collated and read, and where appropriate, amendments made to the Draft Plan.  

Our draft Plan Proposals (Regulation 15) have now been submitted to Cornwall Council including a map and statement of the proposed neighbourhood; our Consultation Statement; our Proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan; our Basic Conditions Statement which explains how the NDP meets the relevant legislation in the 1990 Localism Act.

Our Consultation Statement contains details of persons and bodies consulted about the plan, explains how they were consulted, summarises the main issues raised by consultees and describes how issues have been considered and where relevant, addressed in the proposed NDP.  This final version that will go to Inspection makes reference to all the comments that the Community and Consultees have made and advised.  At this stage, now all the documentation has been submitted to Cornwall Council, the responsibility passes from us, the Parish Council to them, including costs.  All of this will be publicised on the CC website and details of how to contact them during the 6-week consultation period (Regulation 16); where the plan may be seen and inspected; how comments may be made; and whether what has been developed reflects what you think should be there.

The next stage is the Submission of a plan proposal to examination (Regulation 17) by an Inspector appointed by Cornwall Council.  This report and plan proposal decisions will then be published, when further modifications may be recommended.  All of this will be published on CC’s website and on our website.

Posted: 8 September 2019